• Mike with his prize

    Mike with his prize

- Mike Hamer, A Carp & A Swimmer


Mike Hamer fitted in a short over night session recently and decided to target the nearside margin as the fish were showing close in.

Mike waited until dark to bait up with just three handfuls of The Crave 15mm boilies at 8 yards in 6 foot of water on top of a gravel bar. He presented a 4 inch naked chod rig made from a Razor Point SRC and Rigamortis over the spot, with a 15mm Crave food bait pop-up mounted on his pop up peg.

After watching several tench and bream top and feed on the area, Mike's confidence was not very high! Luckily he managed to avoid them and had a quiet nights sleep until high rod screamed off at 7.30am.

A crazy fight ensued with the carp tail walking in amongst some swimmers, though he finally managed to banked this cracking common at 23lb 8oz, with the milt still leaking in July!