• ACE i-3 Bite Alarm Case

- ACE i-3 Bite Alarm £164.99

Supplied with an impact case and a full two year warranty, the ACE i-3 Bite Alarm offers a huge degree of features to ensure ease of use, total control, the perfect sensitivity to suit conditions and the highest degree of reliability to prevent missed runs. It can be switched between the adjustable roller sensitivity and vibration sensitivity at the flick of a switch, the night light allows easy rod positioning in darkness and even the LEDs can be altered between super-bright red, yellow, green, blue, white and purple.

Technical Info:

Roller sensitivity – the R control allows you to tailor the alarm sensitivity to detect line movement between 1.5mm and 75mm, matching the angling and weather conditions

Vibration sensitivity – the VS control instantly overrides the roller setting and is the perfect feature to use when tight-line snag fishing or when slack line carping

Dual sensing system – utilise this feature and you gain the benefits of both vibration and roller movement indication

Mute button – allows you to silence the receiver for 30 seconds allowing you to set up your rig without disturbance

Battery life – The extended battery life is indicated with a three-stage warning system to indicate the remaining charge. The alarm requires one PP3 battery, not supplied

Range test – When used in conjunction with the matching RX One Receiver, this extreme range radio signal communicates with the receiver to show the signal strength using coloured LEDs

Night light – The subtle green glow of the night light provides enough illumination for positioning your rod throughout the hours of darkness

Changeable LED colour – The LEDs on this alarm can be switched between bright red, yellow, white, green, blue and purple

Total waterproofing – The whole unit is sealed to prevent condensation and water ingress, making this alarm suitable for all seasons

Non-slip rod seat – The rubber pads prevent the rod sliding when it’s placed at an angle, while the deep ‘U’ groove holds the rod securely in adverse conditions

Stainless locking nut and stud – The rust-free base unit allows perfect placement of each alarm and secure locking too upon rests or pod