• ACE i-3 Receiver
  • ACE i-3 RX One Receiver Belt Clip and Magnetic Bivvy Holder
  • ACE i-3 Receiver Stand

- ACE RX One Bite Alarm Receiver £199.99

Designed to perfectly suit the high-tech ACE i-3 Bite Alarm, this compact, reliable and easy-to-operate ACE RX One Bite Alarm Receiver will ensure you never miss a run. The advanced components, electronics and accessories not only ensure total compatibility with the ACE i-3 Bite Alarm, but total ease of use - the system is virtually fool proof. Each receiver comes with a two-year warranty and includes a belt clip, stand, magnetic bivvy holder and case. It is guaranteed to a range of 100m in any conditions, but will receive radio signals from all alarms up to 500m. Requires one PP3 battery, not supplied.

Technical Info:

Intelligent Alarm Recognition System IARS allows the receiver to instantly replicate the LED colour and tone settings from each alarm unit. The volume remains independent allowing you to customise the level

Vibration alert allows you to fish discretely – at a push of a button you can switch off the volume to alert you of runs in the silent vibration mode

Easy pairing to all your ACE Bite Alarms. Simply press the connect button, make the first LED flash and your first ACE Bite Alarm will be paired with the receiver. Repeat the process for the second alarm and so on. Simple!

Low battery warning not only indicates when the receiver is short on power – it also indicates when each alarm’s battery unit is running low too

Range test features extreme-range radio system that clearly shows the signal strength upon the receiver via coloured LEDs