• ACE Grippa Rear Rests Packet
  • ACE Little Grippa Rod Rest Packet

ACE Grippa Rear Rests Little and Big Grippa £4.99

These ACE Grippa Rear Rests are the perfect solution to preventing your rod being dragged in upon a carp take, or for providing a firm grip upon the rod butt when fishing in extreme conditions, or with the rod tip pointing skywards. There are two sizes available: Little Grippa for rod butts having a diameter of 13-18mm, and Big Grippa for rod butts having a diameter of 19-24mm. The rests are made from a semi-flexible rubber that is tough enough to provide ample grip, yet soft enough for you to pull the rod out without dragging your buzz bars out of the ground. The nylon base is threaded and the rubber base acts as a compression washer to ensure you can easily align the grips perfectly on rests or buzzer bars. There are two rests in each pack.