• ACE Razorpoint Medium Curve Shank MCS carp hook
  • ACE Razorpoint Medium Curve Shank MCS carp hook packet

- Medium Curve Shank MCS Micro Barbed Micro barbed sizes 1-10 £4.49

The ACE Razorpoint Medium Curve Shank carp hooks are unlike any other on the market, but that’s not to say they aren’t proven in the field. Designed over two years, these hooks combine short and long shank curved styles, and a slightly downturned eye, to ensure the hook turns the instant the hook link is tightened. This provides an instant hook hold and coupled with the long and ultra-sharp point, instant penetration too. It’s suitable for a wide degree of presentations, including the popular 360 degree rig. This pattern is available in micro barbed, in sizes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. Sold in packs of 10.


The ACE Razorpoint range of carp fishing hooks has been designed from scratch specifically to create the perfect hook pattern for the optimum rig and situation you are facing. Unlike many carp fishing hooks that are simply repackaged examples from hook manufacturers, these carp hooks have been created using experience and vast knowledge from our team of consultants: Terry Hearn, Iain Macmillan and Max Cottis, and many more. Refined to minute details to ensure perfect performance with every cast, ACE and our team of hardened carp angling experts truly believes our range of carp hooks is the most advanced on the market – something we are extremely proud of.

Technical Info:

Dura-Point Technology - Produces one of the sharpest and longest points in the carp hook world, even after multiple uses

Japanese Carbon Steel – The highest quality steel available for producing carp hooks, providing strength, durability and reliability

Non-Glare PTFE Finish – Special coating ensures each hook blends-in with the venue bottom therefore minimising spooking of fish

Closed Eye – Careful attention to detail means each hook eye is perfectly created so no damage will occur to your hooklink

Micro Barb – Tiny barbs ensure minimum damage upon entry coupled with an extraordinary hook hold during the fight