• ACE Ready-Made Chod Carp Rigs
  • ACE Ready Made Chod rig diagram

Ready-Made Chod Carp Rigs Barbed sizes 4-8 £4.99

These exceptional ready-tied chod rigs utilise top-of-the-range components which have been selected and designed by Terry Hearn. With three rigs in each pack, and five hook sizes to choose from, and in either long or short lengths you can be sure to find the perfect style to match your bait size and the venue you’re tackling. These are available in barbed only, in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, and in either long or short versions.

Technical Info:

Tied using the stick-sharp ACE Razorpoint SRC hooks for unrivalled penetration and power

Uses the Snell knot – an ultra-neat, strong and reliable knot as used by Terry Hearn

The hooklink is ACE Rigormortis (silt) which has a high memory that ensures the hooklink curves at all times, creating the perfect presentation and camouflage

Rather than using a ring, they incorporate ACE Pop-Up Pegs that easily screw firmly into your pop-up boilie, making baiting the rig hassle-free

The top-quality size 11 flexi-ring swivel has a dull finish to prevent spooking the carp