• ACE Camo-Flex Spliced Leadcore Leaders

- ACE Camo-Flex Spliced Leadcore Leaders Weed green, gravel and silt £5.99

With three leaders in each pack, the excellent ACE Camo-Flex Spliced Leadcore Leaders offers everything you need to pin the upper length of your rig to the lake bed, keeping it well out of the way of spooky carp. Each length is pre-spliced at either end and comes supplied with three different types of swivels to allow you to create the rigs you desire, plus quality rubber anti-tangle sleeves too. They measure 90cm and are available in weed green, gravel and silt mottled colours to give additional camouflage.

Technical Info:

Constructed using Ace’s unique super soft and supple Camo-Flex leadcore

Spliced loops at either end

90cm / 36in lengths, with three in each pack

Suitable for use with all lead system types for fish-safe set-ups

Supplied with a range of swivel options and anti-tangle sleeves for a multitude of uses

Available in weed green, gravel or silt colours